Now it is commonly held that dating in university is acceptable, which has become a hot point under discussion. Some people hold the opinion that students should put their study in the first place. Besides, fall in love with so...

You should know each other's thoughts on the future before you decide on love in the university so that you can determine if you want to start. If you really just want to pursue what you love and do not care if you have any res...

大学生谈恋爱的利与弊(观点倾向于鼓励)英语作文如下: As we know that senior middle school is not allowed romance, because our parents and teachers think that study is the most important thing for us. Almost major of them hold t...


当代大学生的恋爱观 大学生谈恋爱已经成为不争的事实,那么当代大学生的恋爱观是怎样的呢?我认为,当代大学生谈恋爱有以下两种不同的观点:(一)对待恋爱比较认真,认为恋爱以感情为基础,他们一般心理较成熟,有一定的责任心,彼此比较了解。(二)对待恋...

My view on campus love Youth people are gradually enriching the connotation of love, while recently, the phenomenon of oppsite sex staying overnight in campus dormitory occurs from time to time though it has been stressed repea...

恋爱阶段能带给我们什么好处 ----- What good can it bring to us when we are in love ?


一楼翻译全是错的 气球吹大点漂亮,吹爆了可就不好了😜

Positive and Negative Aspects about College Stude订亥斥酵俪寂筹檄船漏nt's Amativeness

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